Dr Kent Marshall BVSc. MANCVS. Knox Vet Clinic talks about the SPD range

"The new range of single and novel protein diets from Prime100, the manufacturers of the terrific SK-D Kangaroo and Potato diet, have again filled a much needed role in the provision of diets designed for dogs with skin or digestive disorders. The completely balanced diets ensure all the nutritional requirements are met along with the added function of reducing allergy loads in susceptible pets. Palatability is excellent with the novel crocodile and tapioca having a 100% acceptance in our patients. They say it "tastes like chicken but without the itch!" The single protein "chicken and brown rice" and "lamb and rosemary" make dietary allergy testing much easier than in the past when most commercial diets had composite proteins making it impossible to determine if the diet was causing any food allergic reactions. The new additions to Prime100's range complement their existing variety of nutritious food and ensures a diet suitable for all dogs no matter their affliction."

Rye Veterinary Clinic Victoria talks about Prime100 SPD range

"We were looking for a new food range to offer our clients when we were unable to continue stocking our existing dog food loaf. Prime 100 S.P.D ticked all our required boxes in its ability to provide a high quality Australian made single protein food that is enriched with vitamins, minerals and omega 6 fatty acids to benefit the health of our clients. It has been a successful switch, with much positive feedback on the quality and pet satisfaction of the food."