100% Virgin Coconut Oil

100% Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties
  • Assists dogs or cats with advanced skin conditions
  • Assists dogs or cats with arthritis or ligament problems
  • Helps dogs or cats reduce weight and increase energy
  • Can be applied topically or orally

This product will solidify below 22°C and
does not need refrigeration. Place jar in
a bowl of warm water or heat in microwave
to return to liquid form.
For a dog or cat:
Up to 14 days feed 2ml per 5kg of body weight,
after 14 days feed 5ml per 5kg of body weight,
or follow the recommendation of your veterinarian.
Prime100 100% Virgin Coconut Oil can also
be applied topically to wounds, infections
and bites

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